"Passion, tradition and innovation". This is the philosophy of ArtigianLegno Prestige Coffins, important company that has been manufacturing coffins since 1960 when it was founded by the Giunta brothers, united by their love for wood. Over the years the firm has developed without losing its craftsmanship
Il Germoglio, since more than 20 years is specialized in the production of artificial flowers offering its experience to the funeral art. Thanks to its elegant products, Il Germoglio managed to innovate the industry with simple and perfect flowers, lasting over time and able to transmit feelings and emotions
Mifora offers many solutions for the funeral industry. One of the main projects is the construction of ecological cemeteries: from columbariums to family vaults, from ash scatterers to sculptures.
The company takes care of every detail, from the concept and design to the materials used to create unique and exclusive products aiming to meet the needs of customers