1 million meters woven weekly. This is Furlanis, leader in textile manufacturing. Their ribbons are made of the highest quality materials to embellish funeral decorations, floral compositions, wreaths and pillows.
Furlanis at Tanexpo will also present to florists
LoveUrns at Tanexpo 2020 will unveil Tree of Love™, the new collection including urns, keepsakes, pendants, and beads. Each item is decorated with a beautiful tree design embossed on its pearlescent green surface accentuated with two-toned leaves in silver and gold.
Founded in the heart of the Motor Valley, Renova is a leading company in the Italian funeral vehicles industry. Their added value is their ability to offer quality solutions at competitive rates such as Medea Vignale and the hybrid hearse based on Ford Mondeo.
At Tanexpo 2020 Renova will exhibit Present, the new model based on Mercedes E220.
Zorsol, on a constant search for new solutions, gave life to Crio, the unique refrigeration system with biocompatible plates. Crio is eco-friendly, easy to handle, light, hygienic and quiet, and it is also the only one equipped with a remote control system.