Memory Crystal, created the International Tree of Memories for the victims of COVID-19, a free digital memorial to support all those who feel the need to say goodbye and remember their loved ones, those who were unable to give the last farewell when funeral celebrations were not allowed.

The company based in Czech Republic developed this new virtual project starting from Eiwa, the patented commemorative tree, to be presented at Tanexpo in February 2021, with shining crystal leaves to keep the ashes of the deceased. Their goal is to make the tree available to honor the memory of all the victims of Coronavirus.

The virtual tree is online since April with a multilingual website and each leaf represents a country of the world. The website reports the total number of deaths in each country and people have the opportunity to light up a leaf to remember and honor the victims of the pandemic.

By clicking on the button, an animation shows the leaf lighting, while a counter records how many people already joined the project. Furthermore, people can add their message to say goodbye or to express their support to the survivors and share it through social networks.