4um’s story started on December 7, 2018 when the life of Mathias Gerst, active in the smart city and management of connected objects in public places, was turned upside down by his father’s death. To honor his memory, he decided to use the PST technology he was developing to create a connected burial place where to share the memories left by his father. But the more Mathias progressed in this project, the more he realized that this idea also responded to the needs expressed by those around him.

This is how 4um (for your memories) was born. The smartphone application is made accessible by the detection of a coded signal associated with the deceased and transmitted by a Bluetooth transmitter fixed on the place of recollection.

The app first of all allows you to visualize the burial site on a map and, if necessary, to be guided there. Once arrived, you will be able to consult the virtual memorial created by the deceased or one of his relatives and composed of texts, images and audio files. The visitor will also have the opportunity to enrich the guestbook, available in a specific tab, by publishing a message.

One of the fundamental elements of the Swiss company is allow people to share memories with all those who visit the burial site. Because sharing, is allowing our loved ones to continue to exist alongside us.